YorNight is back

The European Researchers’ Night will stage over 80 free events in York

It can be easy to overlook the intriguing scientific and historical research going on all around us in York – but it will be hard to miss during YorNight, an international event to showcase research in 300 cities across Europe on the same evening.

Over 80 free events will take place in venues all over York on Friday 25 September as part of the annual EU-funded European Researchers’ Night. YorNight enables the public to engage with an array of research through hands-on demonstrations and workshops, accessible talks, tours, games, and demonstrations.

The University of York won EU funding in 2014, making York one of only four cities in England to host European Researchers’ Night events, along with Birmingham, Bristol and the Natural History Museum, London.

Bones, Boils and Daily Bread (1)
Photo credit: Ian Martindale
Joan Concannon, Director of External Relations at the University of York, said: “We are delighted to work with so many partners and collaborators across the city to showcase such incredibly diverse research. The University takes great pride in its role as a public intellectual and to demonstrate why education and research can transform lives.”

The evening’s main events will include:

Bettany Hughes: Making women’s History Happen

Join historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes, presenter of the recent BBC4 series Genius of the Ancient World, talks about ‘Making History Happen’. Bettany will discuss how women’s research and history in particular should be more widely known, followed by a Q&A (7.30pm, York Explore Library)

Richard III panel discussion

Rediscover Richard III and what we know about him through a panel event with Professor Caroline Wilkinson, a forensic pioneer in facial reconstruction, Dr Turi King, Lecturer in Genetics and Archaeology at the University of Leicester, and Matthew Morris, an archaeologist on the famous Leicester dig (7pm, Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum).


Stargaze in the Observatory at the Yorkshire Museum Gardens from 5pm – 8.30pm.

Photo: Ian Martindale
Photo credit: Ian Martindale

 The Flying Scotsman

Take a sneak preview of the National Railway Museum’s Flying Scotsman restoration and sample an original recipe Flying Scotsman cocktail, traditionally served on the famous locomotive at York Explore.

Who’s your ideal match?

Explore your partner preferences by using face-morphing technology to create a photo of your ideal match, and see how this changes according to age, sex, culture and relationship stage with psychologists from the University of York

Brain waves

See your brain in action by looking at your brain waves in real time and learn how they alter through an interactive exhibition at York Explore.

york’s cold war Bunker

Explore York’s Cold War bunker with the University of York’s Department of Physics.

Research talks

Learn more from academics about their research with numerous talks occurring across the city:  

  • Find out about the mystery of dreaming with Professor Tom Stoneham (8.10pm, King’s Manor).
  • Discover the weird and wonderful world of blood with Dr Ian Hitchcock (5.20pm, York Medical Society).
  • Learn about the history of Jewish music with Dr Stephen Muir  (7.40pm, Barley Hall).
  • Dr Alex Gillett and Dr Kevin Tennent talk about the FIFA World Cup 1966 (7.40pm, King’s Manor).