YAA professional network focus on Brexit and the General Election

Join us at the Royal Academy of Engineering as our eminent panel provide independent and politically impartial analysis.

Focusing on British electoral politics and the question of Europe, our next YAA Network event will examine how Brexit will affect the outcome of the 2017 general election and what the general election will mean for Brexit.

The venue for our next event is the Royal Academy of Engineering, where our eminent panel of policy experts, academics and politicians provide independent and politically impartial analysis on the options available for the UK government and the EU going forward post-election. We hope you will join us on Tuesday 30 May at 6pm.

Meet the panel

Dr Sofia Vasilopoulou, Senior Lecturer, University of York

Sofia’s research interests are in European Union Politics, Comparative European Politics, Political Behaviour and Party Politics with a regional focus on Europe. Her work examines political dissatisfaction with democracy and democratic institutions across Europe.

Dr Nicole Lindstrom, Senior Lecturer, University of York

Nicole’s research and teaching interests lie in comparative and international political economy and public policy, with a particular focus on political economic transformations in the enlarged European Union.

Professor Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe

Jonathan is a Senior Fellow of the Economic and Social Research Council’s “UK in a Changing Europe” initiative, which promotes high-quality research into the complex and changing relationship between the UK and the European Union. His current research concentrates on issues related to immigration and labour mobility, both within the European Union and outside; and the economic implications of Brexit. 

Charles Grant, Director of Centre for European Reform

Charles  helped to found the Centre for European Reform and left The Economist to become the CER’s first director. He is the author of numerous CER publications, including Russia, China and global governance, and How to build a modern European Union. He works on, among other subjects, EU foreign and defence policy, Russia, China, the euro and Britain’s relationship with the EU.

 This event is funded through the UK in a Changing Europe, co-sponsored and organised by the University of York.