What’s it all about?

Your guide to York Alumni Association

Did you know that we now have over 116,000 York alumni in 181 countries? Being part of York Alumni Association (YAA) connects you with passionate, dedicated graduates around the world. Here at the YAA in York, we help you stay in touch with the University and each other, and through us you can access careers support, discounts and other free services.


2.  Meet us

York Alumni Association has city Groups worldwide organised by alumni volunteers to help you keep in touch.  Get started by joining your nearest group’s Facebook or LinkedIn page. York Alumni Association also hosts Network events in London, which provide great opportunities for you to make vital professional connections, while hearing from inspirational speakers on a variety of topics. Later in 2016, graduates around the world can join networking discussions and events via a new online platform. In the meantime, you can join a YAA Network on LinkedIn and look out for the event invitations.

Find our Groups and Networks on YorkSpace.

3. Follow us

Keep in touch with York by following us on social media:

Find links to all the places you can follow us on YorkSpace.


iPhone6_yucardAs a member of the York Alumni Association, you get access to special discounts and services. Alumni benefits are accessed using YuCard, your free York Alumni Association discount card. YuCard gets you special offers in the City of York and at the University, and also gives you access to online services such as free access to JStor. Access benefits now through yorkspace.net. As a York alum, you can also get an @alumni.york.ac.uk email address to show your affiliation to the University.

Sign up on the website here: YuCard.


CareersEvent_080615_043York Alumni Association works very closely with Careers, which has a lifelong commitment to York graduates. You can continue to access careers resources and support after graduation through the Careers Gateway and face-to-face appointments. If you are no longer in York, telephone and Skype appointments are available – feel free to call us. You may wish to share career advice with current students – why not volunteer as a mentor or guest speaker?

Learn more about York Profiles & Mentors (alumni mentors for students) or YuMentor (experienced alumni mentors for graduates).

See what Careers has to offer on their website: Careers services for alumni.

6. Mentoring

As a graduate of any age, your career could get a huge boost from the insight and support of an experienced mentor. Many York alumni offer their time to answer questions and provide mentoring to graduates. To make contact with them, join our YuMentor LinkedIn group. From there you can ask questions and connect with our mentors.

Join the YuMentor LinkedIn group.