We started it, you funded it

YuStart is the University of York’s own crowdfunding platform – and it’s taken off

Crowdfunding, for those unfamiliar with it, is way to raise money online for projects, ideas and events. Sites like KickStarter and Indiegogo have been around for a while, but York was the first University was in the UK to launch its own dedicated platform for student projects. Since 2014, when we launched our site – aptly named YuStart – we have raised over £50,000.

Crowdfunding through YuStart encourages students to be entrepreneurial and helps them find financial backing to make their projects a success. It also enables you – our alumni and friends – to support projects that inspire you.Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.38.20

In return you get a small, token gift in exchange for your support. The creators of the projects keep their supporters updated, and let them know when they reach their goal. It’s a fun way to support students and get involved. Those who can’t afford to give can always help by sharing the project with their networks online. It helps spread the word and social media posts can have a powerful effect.

Here’s just a selection of film projects from the Department of Theatre, Film and Television that have been funded with your help.

Mothers of the disappeared

After an oppressive government takes their children, a group of mothers lead a revolution…

Mothers of the Disappeared is a thrilling drama influenced by real historical events and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina.

SagaScreen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.40.38

The epic tale of Saga, a Viking shieldmaiden.

Saga is the story of a Viking shield maiden, who after the tragic death of her son decides to leave her old life behind, angering her chieftain husband. What follows is an electrifying chase across the countryside – she must evade her husband and his men as they attempt to hunt her down.


An avant-garde artist forces his audience to face their darkest secrets.

Catharsis is set in an Victorian theatre. But the stage is barely set before it is hijacked, as a charismatic performer with delusions of grandeur holds the audience at gunpoint. The play must go on, but what revelations will come to light?

Alright Pet?Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.40.02

Meet the people who organise christenings, weddings, divorces and funerals… for their pets!

Alright Pet? is a documentary about a life-cycle we all experience as humans – births, marriages and deaths – but applied to pets. They mean so much to us, so why is it so unusual, and almost taboo, for owners to express this love through anthropomorphisation?

City Under the Floorboards

A young boy finds a magical city under the floorboards, and uses it to overcome his monstrous mother.

City Under the Floorboards is a film about a young boy called Peter who has a difficult relationship with his mother and reclusive father. When Peter decides to reach out to his father, his life begins to unravel, and not even the magical model city in the attic can halt it.

Jackpot – a comedy short

You can let your luck run out – or you can chase after it with all you’ve got…

Jackpot is a comedy short about a loner, a winning lottery ticket and an epic quest, telling the not-so-heroic tale of how far one man will go to win over the girl of his dreams – even if that means stealing from a homeless man.

Like LivingScreen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.38.57

A captivating sci-fi thriller about social media that cannot be ignored.

Like Living tells the story of Emma, an 18-year-old living in a futuristic institution that drives her to fabricate a perfect life in order to gain ‘likes’ on social media. Although set in the future, the film explores the idea of coming-of-age in a digital world, raising questions about contemporary society.

To find out more about our student crowdfunding projects, visit YuStart online today and view all the live and archive projects. You can help make dreams a reality.