United by creativity

Unlikely creative collaborations can often lead to the most innovative solutions to the complex problems that we face today

In Issue One we covered the news that the University has focused its research priorities into seven Research Themes, in order to address some of the key issues and complex problems that we face today. In this issue, we highlight the Theme of Creativity and look at the diverse research collaborations that are taking place across the University.

York’s Centre for Digital Heritage

Bringing together researchers from across the arts, humanities and sciences, York’s Centre for Digital Heritage is a partnership that works with other leading international universities to explore the impact of digital technology on heritage research. Working to improve access to heritage archives, the Centre has recently launched an online, searchable archive of thousands of high-quality digital images from the Registers of the Archbishops of York, dating from 1225–1646. This is the very first time that each of the Registers has received in-depth assessment and systematic conservation work in order to secure their survival in the best possible condition for the future.

Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders

The Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders at the University of York is a Wellcome Trust-funded, institution-wide Centre which coordinates, promotes, supports and maximises creativity in interdisciplinary research, and research-linked activities, in the area of chronic diseases and disorders. A wide range of chronic diseases and disorders are covered by this funded research, including neurological and mental health disorders, chronic infections, cancers and chronic wounds, as well as the investigation of common disease processes.

The research draws on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives – from molecular biology and biochemistry, to history and sociology – and investigations have benefited from the deployment of a number of state-of-the-art, in-house technologies, such as fMRI, genomic sequencing, advanced computer simulations, and low temperature plasmas.

Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture

Based in the University’s Humanities Research Centre, academics from the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture focus on developing interactive digital resources that explore England’s rich heritage. Their work helps organisations, including churches and cathedrals, engage with a wide range of audiences through innovative interpretation – all founded on fundamental archaeological and historical research. The Centre has developed digital 3D visualisations which can show how a typical English parish church evolves from the early Saxon period through to Late Saxon and Norman times.

Launched in April 2016, York’s Digital Creativity Labs is a major investment by three UK Research Councils, four universities, and over 80 collaborative partner organisations to create a global centre of excellence for impact-driven research. The Labs focus on digital games and interactive media, and the rich space where they converge. Bringing together researchers, industry, government, the third sector and the general public to co-create the means for interaction and expression in a future digital society, the Labs enable joint realisation of the huge potential of games and interactive media
for economic, social and cultural impact.