Time, talent and expertise

You could transform a student’s career prospects


Launched in 2015, our York Profiles & Mentors website allows you to support York students in three ways:

  1. Upload a profile to showcase your career path
  2. Be on hand to support with one-to-one mentoring in your own time
  3. Allow students to contact you with ad-hoc questions.

This platform allows you to do all three or to simply upload a profile, which provides really useful career guidance to students.


30 minutes free?

Fill in an alumni profile on our new York Profiles & Mentors website. Your experience of the world of work could transform a student’s career prospects.

An afternoon or evening to spare?

Volunteer to speak to groups of students at a campus Careers event. Share your knowledge of specific industries, career routes or competencies.

A more regular commitment?

“Volunteering at York gives me the chance to inspire those who might not consider higher education and to help graduates who don’t have parental connections. If a day of my time helps encourage under privileged students to get the best start possible to their career then it’s a day well spent.”

Bruce Daisley, YAA Network volunteer

“I have really enjoyed meeting some current York students, the  online mentoring platform encourages a professional approach.”

Angela Kitching, Head of Public Affairs (English, Derwent, 2003)