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Think world-leading research

Some of the University’s most inspirational and life-changing research is now showcased online as part of its new research strategy.

Encouraging people to think differently about York, the University’s new research strategy aims to make York one of the best places to conduct research in the world. The website is a key element of the strategy and highlights examples of York’s particular academic strengths grouped under the University’s new research themes as well as giving details of facilities and information about our consultancy work with external organisations. The themes are:


Researchers featured on the site include Professor Paul Kaye from the Centre for Immunology and Infection who is leading efforts to develop a vaccine for Leishmaniasis, a deadly tropical disease which kills thousands in some of the world’s poorest countries; Professor Howard Wilson from the Department of Physics who is exploring the power of fusion as a carbon-free source of energy; and  Judith Buchanan, Professor of Film and Literature who is breathing new life into forgotten black and white silent film classics from the early 1900s in the innovative ‘Silents Now’ project.

The site also explores the work of Dr Julie Rugg from York’s Centre for Housing Policy, who led research confronting stereotype images of some social housing residents; it highlights studies by Dr Kathryn Arnold from the Environment Department who is examining how traces of pharmaceuticals in the water system could be affecting our wildlife; and it profiles our growing expertise in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science where developments in speech analysis are playing a key role in criminal investigations around the world.


We want to inspire our graduates and friends to think about the difference York makes to lives around the globe as a world-leading university and, in turn to think about getting involved in our alumni community. Together we can tackle major questions.

Mary Haworth, Director of Development and Alumni Relations

silent-filmsAlumni and friends who wish to support York’s inspirational and life-changing research can visit the YorkSpace website, home of the York Alumni Association and Giving to York. Our Giving to York section highlights projects under each research theme that have been made possible or supported by philanthropy. It also includes projects that are currently seeking donations from our alumni and friends. For instance, the Chemistry at 50 Fund, under the Environmental Sustainability theme, is asking for gifts to help train the next generation of scientists. The Music at 50 Fund, under the Creativity theme, has been created to help support future generations of musicians.