The best 15 places to eat in York

Emma Cooke gives her rundown of the city’s top grub

1. Brunch at The Perky Peacock

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York’s very own coffee chain (it has two locations, it counts), does two things really really well: brunch and coffee. The Lendal Bridge location sits nestled in a medieval tower, and serves up the best cappuccino art around (the York swan is a favourite). Meanwhile the Gillygate café has a less extensive coffee range, but hot damn, their croque madame is a hell of a way to start your day.


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A wholly vegan and gluten-free restaurant, you’ll find many a meat-eater in El Piano too. A little haven of Andalucia in York, the coconut-milk dhaal and crispy spring onion and carrot Tinas are enough to make anyone forget the juiciest of steaks.

3. A pulled pork burger at Shambles Kitchen

This feel good eatery started life as a smoothie shop, rebranding to Shambles Kitchen off the back of its food’s success. Smoothies are still on the menu, but now you’ll find healthy fast food too – mainly “streetfood” boxes crammed with Moroccan lamb and mint meatballs, and the famous pulled pork that bubbles away overnight before selling out the next day.

4. Afternoon Tea at Little BETTYs


Everyone knows Bettys of York, and their high quality teas, delectable little cakes and horrendous queues. But not many know Little Bettys, tucked away on Stonegate, that serves the same high-quality teas and cakes, minus the queues.

5. A slice of homemade cake at Gatehouse Coffee


Hidden in York’s Roman walls, this cafe is ‘blimmin’ brilliant. The cake and coffee is expertly made, the setting is like an old English library, and the prices will have you yelling ‘praise be’.

6. Gourmet pie at Puddin’ & Pie

Puddin’ & Pie / Via

You can’t come to Yorkshire and not have a pie. Fact. And you won’t find much better than this hearty fare, dished up with mashed potatoes, onion gravy and peas.

7. South Indian curry at Coconut Lagoon

Run by three former taxi-drivers, Coconut Lagoon brings a taste of South India’s Kerala to York, and their divinely spiced recipes will convince even a bonafide korma addict to try something new. Grab a Kerala curry and masala dosa, and prepare to have your curry conceptions blown.

8. Pizza at The Hop

There are more than 360 pubs behind York’s walls, and this is one of the best. Inside it’s all gorgeous vintage hanging lights and mahogany bar, but the real star of the show is an open kitchen that churns out stone-baked pizzas in less than ten minutes. Crispy, with a perfect cheese-to-tomato ratio, they’re the best way to soak up some of the Ossett Brewery beer on offer.

9. A veggie burger at Goji

Humungous garlic mushrooms with halloumi or smoked tofu make up Goji’s infamous burgers, with quinoa and sweet potato burgers for non-mushroom fans. Trust us, it’s likely the best veggie burger you will ever eat.

10. Pub grub at The House of Trembling Madness


Facebook: The House Of Trembling Madness / Via Facebook: TremblingMadness

Expertly hidden on Stonegate, one of York’s busiest streets, this beer drinker’s heaven is easy to miss. Tucked into a 12th century Norman house above an off-license, it has over 600 available brews that cover everything from niche Japanese ale to Belgian strawberry beer. Paired with solidly good steak & ale pies and sausage & mash, pub-lovers will never want to leave.

11. Pierogi at Barbakan

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A Polish delicatessen that evolved into a café after punters realised their snacks were far too good to wait to eat. Everything from the stuffed red peppers to the famous lasagne is delicious, but it’s the pierogi you NEED to try. Pan-fried dumplings filled with cheese or beef with potatoes, topped with crispy bacon and sour cream. Nuff said.

12. Meat and cheese platter at Mannion & Co


A deli shop overflowing with charcuterie, cheeses, rillettes, terrines, pates and home-baked breads. The only thing to do is grab a board, load up and devour it all in the glorious courtyard garden attached.

13. Fish ‘n’ chips at The Sea Catcher

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The Sea Catcher say they’re the best fish and chips in York, and we’re not going to disagree. The batter is crisp, the chips are fluffy and it’s all served piping hot in highly Instagrammable boxes.

14. Pancakes at Brew & Brownie


Brew & Brownie / Via

A slice of street-style in York, Brew & Brownie’s mochas, macchiatos and PBJ sandwiches appear on brown paper menus and are eaten on distressed wooden counters. If you couldn’t hear the Minster in the background, you’d think you were in deepest Shoreditch. The brownie may be this place’s namesake, but it’s the pancakes, dripping in maple syrup and topped with streaky bacon or blueberries, you need to order.

15. Sausage rolls at Pig & Pastry


Twitter: Pig & Pastry / Via Twitter: @Thepigandpastry

Opened by Julia and Steve Holding in 2008, the Pig & Pastry does delicious home-made treats on Bishopthorpe “Bishy” Road. Adored by locals, ingredients are sourced as close to home as possible, and the café’s relaxed atmosphere makes stuffing an entire sausage roll in your mouth okay. Which is what you’ll want to do once you’ve tried their flaky-pastry wrapped goodness.