My Top 10 UoY memories

The desire to walk across the frozen lake, phone calls from my worried mum and biking everywhere

Jennifer Rudd (Chemistry, Goodricke, 2008) takes a trip into the past to recall her most precious student memories of the University of York.

1. Living in Goodricke D Block

When I applied for York accommodation I asked to be put in a quiet block and Goodricke D was what I got. Unlike all the other Goodricke blocks we had actual ovens, (rather than baby bellings) and a kitchen just large enough for the 16 of us sharing.

Of course I cant leave out the goose, which had a nest in one corner. None of us could use either front door for weeks on end as the goose would chase us, so we had to enter around the back.

It wasn’t beautiful, but it was home

2. My Beautiful Walking route  to lectures

Goodricke D and Chemistry were at opposite ends of the campus and so I spent a lot of time trying to find the best route to lectures and crossing a lot of bridges.

Heslington Hall. Lovely.

3. Days when the campus lake froze

You’d always wanted to walk across it… Always.

4. Christmas in teaching labs

Every year, in the last week of term, Dave Lindsay (who was slightly scary to rest of the year) would put on a Santa hat and play Christmas music on the radio whilst we did our lab experiments.

5. Hanging out at More House

There was always someone at More House to talk to, their kettle was always on for a brew and Father Elias started doing Wednesday Mass and soup. He made the most incredible soup. More House was a safe, calm place just far enough off campus that you could get there on a break between lectures but just far enough away to feel that youd left Uni behind for an hour.

Father Elias bought in bread from a shop on the Shambles which he dubbed “Grumpy Baker Bread”

6. Phone Calls from a worried mother.

because shes seen on the news that York is flooding… Again!

7. York G&S Society

I did three shows with the Universitys Gilbert and Sullivan society and I was in fits of giggles each year. With singing, dancing, acting, comedy and a pit orchestra there was everything you needed for a good night out.


8. Chaplaincy Trips

For the majority of my time at York the Chaplaincy team were Father Elias, Brother Paul, Father Stephen and Reverend Rory. They made a fantastic ecumenical team (2 Catholics, one Anglican and a Methodist) and they planned a number of trips both near and far.

This included Walsingham, Rome, Ampleforth, Robin Hoods Bay and a trip to stay with the nuns at Filey. Every trip was special in its own way and the Chaplains were always on hand for pastoral support (and comic value).

The dream team
The dream (ecumenical) team

9. Almost everybody owning a bike

These days (now were grown up) almost everyone I know, including me, has a car. I miss those wonderful days where going for a bike ride with someone to the shops or to town or just nowhere in particular was a completely normal thing to do.

10. Living ten minutes away from all my friends

It used to be that I could bike up to my friend’s houses in five to ten minutes. Now were spread out across Europe and I find myself dreaming of this fantasy land where all my best friends lived within walking distance…