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Supercharged careers

Alumnus Phil Greenland chose to study Computer Science as he had an interest in mathematics and problem solving. He was looking to find out how computers work, how computation is performed and how computers can be used to solve problems effectively. Now this supercharged graduate works at McLaren Applied Technologies Ltd (MAT).

Learning Computer Science

Philip Greenland at the McLaren Technology Centre
Philip Greenland

“I chose Embedded Systems Engineering as a degree as I was interested in physical computing, the interaction between software and hardware with the real world. I was looking to learn how the computers embedded in planes, trains and cars are developed to carry out their specialised tasks safely, efficiently and in some cases continuously.

“I decided to study at the York Department of Computer Science after my UCAS interview day. I was impressed by the quality of the facilities, by how friendly all of the staff I met on the day are and the University’s excellent reputation.”

Life after York

“Having an interest in Embedded Systems Engineering before starting
my course I already had a pretty good idea of what I was looking to do after graduating.

“I secured a job before graduation with McLaren, developing embedded software for engine management computers used in Formula One cars.

“As part of the interview process I was asked to supply a portfolio of embedded systems work. The majority of this portfolio was drawn from projects completed as part of my degree including my final year individual project. Additionally I was able to include several personal projects which were completed in my spare time allowing me to demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained during my course.

“I personally work on the development of the Formula One Standard ECU (a standard set of electronics for F1). This is a unit produced by McLaren Applied Technologies, on behalf of Formula One’s governing body the FIA. It operates at the heart of every Formula One car on the grid!”