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Farewell, Chancellor Greg Dyke

“It’s time to let someone else get on with it”: Jack Richardson interviews outgoing University Chancellor Greg Dyke

“When I look over the various jobs I’ve had over my life, being chancellor has definitely been one of the better ones,” Greg Dyke tells me. He certainly has a number to choose from. One-time Director General of the BBC and current head of both the British Film Institute and the Football Association, Dyke has proven himself extraordinarily versatile since graduating from York himself in the early 70s.

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Introducing our new Chancellor

Student Liam Mullally interviews incoming University of York Chancellor Prof. Sir Malcolm Grant

For New Zealander Malcolm Grant, England was only ever supposed to be a “transitional destination as part of an ‘overseas experience.’” However, a temporary lectureship at the law school at Southampton University quickly became fifteen years and a permanent position, “accompanied by marriage, mortgage and children.”

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