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What’s new?

All the latest news from York and the University plus new venues, events and attractions that make York (and our campus) the place to be.

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The York Appeal

Alumna Katie Thompson speaks to Head of Visit York and graduate Kate McMullen about student life and the latest developments, set to transform the city into a leading business destination.

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Tea for two

No trip to York is complete without sampling a traditional afternoon tea. From world-renowned Bettys Café Tea Rooms to quaint and quirky tearooms, we have something for all budgets and tastes. It doesn’t even have to be tea-time to enjoy one…

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Where to stay in York?

From student digs to smart hotels, if you need help on where to stay when you’re back for a visit then here are a few suggestions (and discounts) to help make the decision easier!

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Quirky York shops

Quirky shops and quaint cobbled streets are part of what makes visiting York a truly unique experience. Wandering around the city’s independent shops is one of the most popular pastimes for visitors and locals alike. Make sure you pop in if you’re passing – you could grab a fab Yu Mag discount at some places…

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Open minds

research and in-depth interviews

McLaren & me

Supercharged careers

Alumnus Phil Greenland chose to study Computer Science as he had an interest in mathematics and problem solving. He was looking to find out how computers work, how computation is performed and how computers can be used to solve problems effectively. Now this supercharged graduate works at McLaren Applied Technologies Ltd (MAT).

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Centre stage

arts, music, humanities and culture

Changing perceptions step-by-step

World-renowned multi-disciplinary performer, dancer and artist Claire Cunningham started out as a music student at York. Writer Ricky Jones found out what’s behind her extraordinary portfolio of work – and what’s next on her agenda.

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That would never happen!

Why should dramas be accurate?

From theatre to television, the appeal and popularity of drama is embedded deep in our culture, but how important is accuracy and authenticity to both the viewer and those who produce our most notable productions? We hear the views of Dr Hannah Andrews from the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, and alumnus David Thacker (English and Related Literature, Derwent, 1973), a Director at Bristol’s Octagon Theatre.

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Curating the Tate

What do you do when you come to the realisation that there has never been a synoptic show of Victorian sculpture before? One that would introduce the audience to the entire period and challenge what they thought they knew? Well, if you’re Professor Jason Edwards you co-create one and watch it become incredibly popular on both sides of the Pond.

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All about yu

alumni news and updates

Tasteful memories

You may have heard of or been lucky enough to sample one of the famous scones from Derwent College but in case you haven’t, in celebration of Derwent’s 50th Anniversary, we are revealing the ingredients of this old classic. Alumna Pippa Martin (English and Related Literature, Derwent, 1982) tells us more about it…

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The back page

the lighter side of York

For the birds

Thanks to the lakes and extensive grounds at York, water birds are an inevitable part of the student experience. But how much do you know about our feathered friends on campus? Alumna Jane Paffey (Alcuin, Sociology and Education) takes you through some of the species at York.

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