Humans of York

Weekly glimpses of the staff and students who make up our campus

Inspired New Yorker Brandon Stanton’s 2010 photography project, Humans of New York, the University of York’s  Humans of York project features students and staff members from across campus.

The original Humans of New York project began as a photography project in 2010. The photographs, along with a caption provided by each subject, soon developed a global audience intrigued by the daily glimpses into the lives of strangers on the streets of New York City.

The University of York’s project is run via the university’s Facebook page and features a different student or staff member each week.

Here’s a selection of our favourite  posts: 

  1. Tess, Social and Political Sciences, Derwent
Tess, Social and Political Sciences, Derwent #HumansOfYork

“We tried to improve education, understanding, and awareness of the refugee crisis by breaking it down into bite-size chunks.”

2. Alvin, MSc Accounting and Financial Management, Vanbrugh
Alvin, MSc Accounting and Financial Management, Vanbrugh

“[It’s] amazing watching everyone else’s sports [at Roses]– there’s so much happening across the weekend.

3. Hector, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Alcuin
Hector, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Alcuin #HumansOfYork

“I started doing paintings on Reddit three years ago and I chose the name S**tty Watercolour because they were really bad… ridiculously bad.”

4. Kathryn, Halifax, Chemistry; Andy, Langwith, Chemistry; Joe, Physics, Halifax
Kathryn (Halifax, Chemistry) Andy (Langwith, Chemistry) Joe (Physics, Halifax)

“I enjoy the whole camaraderie of playing together, especially when you’re preparing for something like a contest.”

5. Aurelia, Chemistry, James College
Aurelia, Chemistry, James College

“University is not only about studying, it’s also about exploring where you live and meeting new people.”

6. Izzy, Archaeology, Goodricke
Izzy, Archaeology, Goodricke

“Over the summer I’m going to be busy volunteering for Jorvik Dig with the York Archaeology Trust.”

7. Sue, Cleaner
Sue, Cleaner

“Last year I decided to set myself a goal to lose 4 stone in 23 weeks and use the challenge to help support the hospice by raising money. I gave it my best shot and at the end of the 23 weeks I got on the scales and there was the magic number. I’d done it! So far I’ve managed to raise £1035.”

8. Gordon, Grounds Maintenance Manager
Gordon, Grounds Maintenance Manager

“What I like most about the job is that anybody who uses the campus can see the work that we do.”

Gordon was awarded a British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours List. 

9. Stephen, Electronic Engineering, Halifax College
Stephen, Electronic Engineering, Halifax College #HumansOfYork

“I’ve been the Chief Engineer for URY, involved with Kids Camp, a Course Rep and a Department Rep as well.”

10. Grace Clarke, York Sport Union President 2015/16
Grace Clarke, York Sport Union President 2015/16

“You can join sport throughout the year no matter what year you’re in, from freshers to postgraduates – everyone is welcome”

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