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Hello and welcome to the Langwith Alumni Newsletter, brought to you by Langwith’s student-led Alumni Relations and Engagement committee (LAR-E)!  Here’s a photo of 3 of us at the Langwith Winter Formal!


What has been going on in Langwith:

Dr. Dan Horsfall

We have a new head of college. Dr. Dan Horsfall was appointed last year, taking over from Fiona Polack who as gone on to take a Professorship at Keele University. Dan is a lecturer in Comparative Social Policy. He is a keen runner; recently completing the 2018 York Marathon in just under 3 hours.  We hope you’ll join us in welcoming him to the College.

We’ve had a busy academic year so far in Langwith College with plenty of events to keep us occupied and many more coming up.  In September we welcomed new students into Langwith, with our Second and Third Year Contacts (STYCs) hard at work making sure they all settled in and their first week went smoothly.

In November, it was time to say goodbye to our current LCSA and appoint a new committee. The LCSA is the Langwith College Student association, which replaced what some of you may remember as the the Junior Common Room in 2015. We had a lively Hustings evening with speeches being made for the various positions. In the end, our new committee is being headed up by Sally Marlow as Langwith President and we wish her all the best in her new role! Shortly after this we appointed a new member to our own committee, Magalie, a current first year in Langwith.

Sally Marlow

To mark the the end of Autumn Term, Langwith made a trip to the National Railway Museum for our annual winter formal. The beautiful, festive museum was the perfect backdrop for the formal and it made a fitting farewell to last year’s LCSA committee. We had plenty of stunning, professional photographs taken by Baluga Photography, run by Langwith alumnus, Ben Jancso, which made for a great reminder of the night.  All involved had a lovely evening, and it was the perfect end to a busy term for both students and the college team.

Langwith in London, 7th March:

If reading this has made you nostalgic, we have an upcoming alumni event in London and we would love you to come! It’s taking the format of drinks, similar to other events we have hosted in the past. The date is the 7th of March 2019 from 6pm at the Cork and Bottle Wine Bar in London. Our previous events have had an excellent turn out and we’re sure that this event will be just as successful, so check your diaries now! It’s the perfect opportunity if your New Year’s Resolution was to meet up with friends from University more regularly!


Here’s a photo from our 2016 event where we managed to find 3 former Langwith student presidents alongside our then current one! Can we beat that this year?

Langwith Development Award:

In previous years, with donations from generous Langwith Alumni, we have furnished two well used common rooms in Langwith. This has included the purchase of sofas, beanbags, a table tennis table, and TVs.  Over summer 2018 we used funds to soundproof two music practice rooms, which are proving to be very popular.

This year, we are keen for alumni donations to fund our student development awards which provide Langwith students with a pot of money to fund any summer projects, internships or volunteering they wish to undertake. Students from previous years have done some amazing work, so the money really does make a difference.  We will be launching a fundraising campaign in Spring, so watch this space! In the meantime you can find out more on the scheme including how to make a gift here.

Become a Mentor:

If you’re still interested in getting further involved in college life, we’ve got lots of opportunities available. In addition to attending the event, or donating to our college funds, you can become a mentor to a current University of York student. This could include helping to give them contacts in your field of work, or simply giving them advice for the future. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or if you just want more information, click here

Photo and Memory Requests

The Langwith Alumni Relationship and Engagement Committee are currently taking on the large task of archiving the photos, papers, memories and all other information we have about Langwith in the hope to then publish these online. If you have any memories or photos that we could add to our archives, please send them over to us or post them to Suzanne Dekker, Langwith College, Deramore Lane, Heslington, YO10 5GQ!

We want your ideas!

LAR-E are very keen to ensure that we are giving alumni what they want so please fill in our short google survey to let us know what kind of events you would like to see from the committee in future. For more information about the Langwith Alumni committee, please visit our website, and join our Facebook group to keep in touch.

Lottie Jones, Isabelle Charles, Sahil Patel and Magalie Basil-Surenthiran