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Langwith College Senior Common Room presents:  ‘Another kind of chemistry’

Join David Goodall,  Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemistry, and Chief Scientific Officer, Paraytec Ltd for this talk on ‘personal chemistry’ with a two-course dinner, wine and tea/coffee.

  • Further information: We all know about the academic subject. What about the other kind – personal chemistry? “It can be described in the terms of mutual feelings – a connection, a bond or common feeling between two people” (Wiki). David says “In this talk I will look back over my life in science, and highlight some special times when the two kinds of chemistry overlapped. Illustrations will include the other kind of chemistry I learned from my mentors and still treasure, as well as feedback from some of the next generation – my students.  Eureka moments appear in the most unexpected ways, and for scientists this is often when we are introduced to people working in other fields. A good way of talking about this is synergy and serendipity, and in my case from links with physicists, biologists, electronics engineers and astronomers. I’ll show how Paraytec’s imaging cameras allow us to see things that bees and reindeer can identify, but are invisible to us. Above all, I passionately believe that education is for life, and that it is our privilege as staff working in universities to share the joys of learning.”