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Next year Alcuin College will be celebrating its 50th anniversary! We, the alumni board, will be inviting you to a weekend packed with exciting events on 21-22 April 2018. From nostalgic on campus events at the newly refurbished Greg’s place, to dining at King’s Manor taking in the scenic heritage of York, we will have something for you to catch up with old friends and take you back to your university days. Whether that was 1968 or 2016, our team will get those memories flooding back. Full details will be released soon but you can book your ticket (£50) today and it includes a celebration dinner on Saturday. We hope you will join us for the weekend, accommodation is available at HotelStorm and StayCity who offer discounts to alumni through YuCard. And remember family and friends are welcome!


If you have any old photos or items from your time at Alcuin, please email us at a copy to use in our “historical” collection as we plan on creating a 50th Anniversary Exhibit that will document the colleges history.