8 of the hardest life changes Uni of York grads face

We asked University of York alumni on LinkedIn: “What were the hardest life changes after graduating from the Uni of York?” Here’s what they said.

1. Building a new network of friends in a new location

It’s hard when you move to a new place and don’t know anyone. Be proactive – treat it like Fresher’s Week!

But don’t be disappointed when it takes awhile; the people you’re trying to befriend have probably lived there for years and don’t need new friends. Persevere!

Gareth Ashworth, PhD candidate, Researcher in Structural Microbiology

2. Choosing a career

In this ‘era of austerity’ jobs don’t blossom like duckling as they did in the 1980’s. Our parents’ generation don’t know they were born.

After a 3 year Politics / History etc. degree you probably won’t have a clue how to turn your knowledge of the 11th century Pope into a career. (Arts students – try not to curse your science friends who waddle straight into a job. Lucky things.)

If you’re in this situation YuMentor is definitely for you – chat to alumni experts in every sector and figure out your career options.

3. Finding a job after you’ve chosen a career

Join a Graduate scheme to get a great overview of an organisation and find out what areas interest you. Take every opportunity to learn something new that you can.

Jo Kehoe, Learning and Development Consultant

4. Missing the ducks. Sob

The ducklings. You’ll always miss your daily dose of spring cuteness. Sob.

Gareth Ashworth, PhD candidate

5. Knowing your worth

You’re not going to offered that great starting salary / bonus / pay rise unless you fight for it (ahem, not literally please.)

Know what you’re worth and be confident in that knowledge. You’re a Yorkie after all – a grad from one of the best universities in the UK!

Make sure your employer values you with due rewards. Sitting around moaning about your rubbish pay isn’t going to change anything.

Songtao Hu, Sales Support Manager, MIET, CECP

6. Lean in after time out

The working world has changed since the 1970’s.

If you give up work to have kids today you should find an easier way back into the workforce than University of York grads of the past.

Pat Marriott, ex-Information Analyst

7. It’s okay to drift…

…Into teaching then the civil service, then marketing and finally management consultancy. You know what they say about the best laid plans. In the end you won’t regret a bit of it.

John Dearing, Director at G. P. Wild (International) Limited

8. Get real experience before starting your own business

Get on-the-job experience in your field, lose your baby fat and build up your portfolio before you start your own business – especially if your subject is something like Chemistry or Biology.

Mustafa Al-Shamall, employed at KISR

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