7 truths every Uni of York fresher will learn

According to York Alumni

With the imminent arrival of a bunch of new freshers, we asked you to give our York newbies some advice. Here’s what you said:

We started by reminding you how awesome being a fresher was. The nostalgia made you a bit sad (understandably):

Then we asked you what you’d do differently if you had your time again. And you gave us some really handy advice.

Freshers, listen up.

Alumni: read, sob, consider building a time machine:

1. The Duck Story. Don’t believe it. Just don’t

2. Put yourself out there. Everyone’s new to this game

3. Throw yourself into your new freedom

4. But sometimes a little restraint doesn’t hurt…

5. Feed yourself. Occasionally

6. Try not to start a revolution on Day One

7. Learn who’s boss. Woe betide those who question their supremacy.