13 reasons York is the best student city in the UK

It has a superb nightlife, enough tea shops to make your granny go dotty and is one of the most beautiful cites in the UK. For these reasons alone we think the University of York should be at the top of every student’s UCAS form.

Here’s 13 reasons why we think York is the best student city in the UK:

1. York is so small that you bump into everyone you know every time you go out


2. You’ll never run out of family-friendly things to do when your parents/ grandparents visit


3. Almost every road is lined with cobbles

Not designed for fast-walking but wonderful if you want to wander around pretending to live in medieval times.


4. There are so many kebab shops on the way home from town – a late night kebab WILL happen. Don’t resist.
Efes kebab shop, York
Efes kebab shop, York

By the end of your time at York you will have eaten enough Efes take-away to give you a minor heart-attack and have the two blokes on the right (Efes’ owners) on speed dial.

5. York is a cycle city. Which is awesome – who likes walking anyway?


6. But cycle city + knowing EVERYONE when you go out = Dangerous…
  • Weekly food shop (Friday, closing time, foods on sale, student budget. Keep up!)
  • Cycle home with 15 Sainsbury’s bags balanced across your handle bars…
  • Someone WILL see and giggle at how ridiculous you look
  • By the time you arrive on campus the next day everyone will be giggling.
7. York’s ancient street, The Shambles, was the film set for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies.

So every venture into York City is almost a real visit to Diagon Alley… Kinda. (If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, sorry. No more HP lovin’ to come. Promise.)

Ollivanders wand shop - where Harry buys his first wand
Ollivanders wand shop – where Harry buys his first wand
8. The city is so close to university that you’ll never pay for taxis again.

We only got a taxi home once – because it was so cold we were genuinely concerned about frostbite. (Whoopsie, another negative. Yeah, York winters are blooming freezing.)

York to the Library is a 20 min walk - if you walk slow. If you walk slow you'll freeze to death. THIS IS THE NORTH.

9. York has an international reputation for beer and ale.

There’s a Uni of York, ‘Real Ale Society’. FRESHERS, JOIN!


10.  York city is enclosed in ancient Roman walls.

You can jog around the walls on sunny mornings (well, at least think about jogging around them..)


11. We have some of the quirkiest named pubs and bars

Evil Eye, House of Trembling Madness and The Three Legged Mare…


12. The bars are as quirky as their names.

Johnny Depp went for a drink at Evil Eye while he was filming Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in York. If it’s cool enough for Johnny…


13. The Willow Disco. Enough said?

Maybe not… A real-life disco in a Chinese restaurant, free prawn crackers, dancing to cheesy pop until 5am and a collection of Willow Disco t-shirts and bags to buy (a Willow t-shirt seems like the best idea in the world after a sambuca or two…).